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Ashiya City Health and Welfare Center/ 芦屋市保健福祉センター

Access to Ashiya City Health Center

Health Calendar / 保健センター健康カレンダー

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Health Center Annual Schedule 2022 日本語・英語版 (open link in new window)(PDF:970KB)


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Ashiya City Health and Welfare Center / 芦屋市保健福祉センター

Contact: Welfare Center Subsection
14-9, Kurekawa-cho, Tel. 0797-31-0612

Ashiya City Public Health and Welfare Center Adjacent Ashiya Spa & Footbath

The Ashiya City Health and Welfare Center comprises three departments:

(1) Welfare Center

(2) Health Center

(3) Dental Center


Ashiya City Health and Welfare Center has 8 different functions.

1. Consultation / 相談機能

The Center provides concrete support on matters related with welfare, health and nursing to anyone and whenever needed.


2. Source of information / 情報発信機能

The Center gathers and provides a broad range of welfare-related information, while also undertaking new projects and engaging in educational activities for citizens.


3. Health and rehabilitation / 保健・リハビリ機能

The Center is a venue for promoting health and fitness, and giving proper training to children with disabilities.


4. Base for support activities / 活動拠点機能

The Center is a base for welfare organizations, volunteers and other group activities.


5. Culture and exchange / 文化・交流機能

The Center promotes a variety of interactions among citizens as well as exchange activities for the understanding of welfare for people with disabilities or dementia.


6. Child rearing support / 子育て支援機能

The Center provides consultation for parents and children, and facilitates exchange and sharing of information while also supporting school-age children.


7. Employment support / 就労支援機能

The Center introduces workplaces suitable for people with disabilities.


8. Nursing service / 介護サービス機能

The Center provides comprehensive nursing service and care management for the elderly.


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1) Dental Center / 歯科センター

Dental Center 1st Floor

Open for emergency on holidays. Dental care is provided in cases of sudden tooth pain or injury on holidays.
Free dental checkup and consultation are also available. Checkup for periodontal diseases is offered to people aged 40 years or over. There is also health
guidance on proper brushing of teeth and prevention of periodontal diseases.


2) Child Care Support Center (Child Planet Ashiya) /子育て支援センター(チャイルドプラネット芦屋)

Child Care Support Center 2nd Floor

It comprises three closely linked divisions supporting child care: the Child Care Center that promotes various undertakings for child-rearing; the Family & Children Consultation Room that provides consultation on child-rearing; and the Family Support Center, a day-care center for up to 6th graders.


3) Health Center / 保健センター

Health Center 3rd Floor

The new Health Center promotes the health of citizens - from babies to the elderly – and through a staff of doctors, health nurses, and nutritionists give lifelong support to mind and body health of the local community. It has barrier free features and offers enhanced medical checkups and consultation services.



4th Floor

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 Access to Ashiya City Health Center / 芦屋市保健福祉センターへのアクセス


Address: 14-9, Kurekawa-cho, Ashiya # 659-0051
Tel.: 31-1586, Fax: 31-1018
■ 13-minute walk from Hanshin Ashiya Station
■ 15-minute walk from JR Ashiya Station

◆Hankyu Bus Line: get off at Kurekawa-cho Stop (1-minute walk southward)

1.From JR Ashiya-minamiguchi Stop: take bus number 10, 50 or 59 (bound for Daito-cho via Niihama -cho)

2.From JR Ashiya-minamiguchi Stop: take bus number 24 or 27 (bound for Ashiyahama Eigyosho via Wakaba-cho)

3.From JR Ashiya Stop: take bus number 20 (bound for Ashiya-minamiguchi via Wakaba-cho)

◆Hankyu Bus Line get off: at Chuo Koenmae Stop (2-minute walk northward)

1.From JR Ashiya Stop and Hanshin Ashiya Stop: take bus number 31, 32 or 36 or 131 (bound for Niihama-cho/ Ashiyahama Eigyosho)

2.From Hankyu Ashiyagawa Stop: take bus number 31 or 131 (bound for Niihama-cho/ Ashiyahama Eigyosho)



  • 阪神芦屋駅から徒歩13分■JR芦屋駅から、徒歩15分
  • 阪急バス(呉川町下車、南へ徒歩1分)
  • 1. JR芦屋南口⇒10・50・59番(新浜町経由大東町行き)
  • 2. JR芦屋南口⇒24・27番(若葉町経由芦屋浜営業所前行き)
  • 3. JR芦屋⇒20番(若葉町経由JR芦屋南行き)
  • 阪急バス(中央公園前下車、北へ徒歩2分)
  • 1. JR芦屋 / 阪神芦屋⇒31・32・36・131番(新浜町・芦屋浜営業所行き)
  • 2. 阪急芦屋川⇒31・131番(新浜町・芦屋浜営業所行き)

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